Company Registration No: 201608837G

Emissions Asset Management (EAM) PTE. LTD.

EAM is a Singapore registered limited liability company. We provide Carbon Emissions Reporting & Carbon Asset Management Services.

We leverage our proprietary access to knowledge of our customers’ Carbon Emissions Data to provide them with:

  • Emissions Data Management Services
  • Carbon Asset Management Services
    • CO2 Emissions Abatement Technology Services
    • Low Emissions Technology Financing Services
    • Carbon Financing Services
    • Carbon Trading Services
    • China Carbon Market Information Services

Emissions Data Management Services

  • Measure and monitor carbon emissions.
  • Prepare annual verified emissions monitoring reports (for submission to relevant Chinese authorities in accordance with relevant rules).
  • Design, build, and maintain corporate carbon emissions inventories.
  • Provide CO2 Emissions Data Analytics

Carbon Asset Management Services

Our suite of carbon asset management services include:

Emissions Abatement Technology Services
We offer technical advice on carbon emissions abatement strategies, and low emissions technology acquisition services.

Low Emissions Technology Financing Services
We specialise in ways and means to finance the acquisition of low emissions technology.

Carbon Financing & Carbon Trading Services
We are a leader in converting emissions data into carbon financial assets.